Juanita Rebels Booster Club

Welcome to another season of Rebel athletics and activities! The Juanita Rebels Booster Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization of parents, faculty, coaches, and community members. The purpose of the JRBC is to support the students who participate in athletics, performing art programs, and associated activities at JHS. The funds raised by the JRBC are intended to supplement the funding provided through the LWSD and ASB. The shortfall of funding becomes greater each year and parent/community booster support is vital. Successful programs are built with the strong support of parents and the community working together toward a common goal. Our goal is to continue supplementing the building of strong and successful programs at JHS. Your help is needed, through the donation of time, talent and/or dollars!

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 Ways to Help!

  • Become a Member. Join any time; don’t wait until your child’s sport or activity is in season. Membership is free.
  • Donate your time – help at our annual auction, help fundraise for your team/activity, or become a board member.
  • Attend all athletic and performing art events support all of our students.
  • Attend monthly meetings – 7 pm; second Monday of each month in the JHS Library.
  • Participate in our Annual Auction – attend, procure items, have fun!
  • Speak with pride – about the Juanita programs, coaches, and students.
  • Catch Rebel Fever – wear your Rebel colors and cheer for ALL the programs and participants.
  • Consider a tax deductible donation – to JRBC for a specific sport, scholarship or the general fund.

Newsletters updating you on what’s happening are sent regularly via email to all current and past members. This year is looking to be an exciting year for JRBC and our JHS programs. Please support them by getting involved and supporting your students. Please let us know how you can help to keep this organization moving forward with parents and community members. Let’s Go, Rebels!