Juanita Rebels Booster Club


JRBC Requirements:
  1. Families participating in the JRBC Scrip Program must be JRBC members.
    1. Join the Booster club (no cost to join the Booster Club or Scrip Program)
    2. Fill out the Family Scrip Agreement.
    3. Please Scan & email the form to the scrip coordinator or mail them to the JRBC PO box OR drop them off at the JHS athletic office.
    4. To protect JRBC from fraud, you must request enrollment code from the scrip coordinator at  JRBCScrip@gmail.com.


Shop with Scrip: Account Set Up
  1. Go to http://www.shopwithscrip.com
    1. Click on the green “Family Sign Up” area at the left.
    2. Create your user name (choose something you will remember ie: email address)
    3. As you go through the sign up process, you will need to provide this enrollment code that you requested from the scrip coordinator.
    4. JRBC will not accept any “paper” orders (ie. check or money order) any such orders will be deleted by the Scrip Coordinator.
    5. Once your account is set up, you will have to log back in and set up your online payment option through “Presto Pay”.
Presto Pay: Set Up
  1. The online ordering process will ask if you wish to pay by check or Presto Pay. ALL JRBC ORDERS MUST BE SUBMITTED THROUGH PRESTO PAY.
    1. The signup process for Presto Pay takes about a week to complete. To sign up for Presto Pay just login into your www.ShopWithScrip.com account.
    2. On the left hand side, find the tab that says Presto Pay & click that to start the process.
    3. You will enter your Routing & Account info off a check.
    4. GLSC will make two random deposits of $1 into your account.
    5. After a few days, (this can take up to a week) check your bank account (online or phone) to find out if the deposit have been made and if so, what the amount is.
    6. Log back into your www.ShopWithScrip.com account to verify those amounts.
    7. You will then receive a code which you MUST then forward to the Scrip Coordinator so your account can be activated.
Ordering Scrip
  1. Once your Presto Pay account is set up and is activated by the Scrip Coordinator, you can start ordering any of the “Scrip Now” brands right away.
    1. Order products online at www.ShopWithScrip.com. Note any merchant usage rules or restrictions by reading the details on the back of the gift card (click on the merchant, and then enlarge the gift card to read details).
    2. For any order you place, GLSC adds a .15 charge – It’s not much, but it could add up so ordering more at one time is best. When you order “Scrip Now” your scrip is emailed to you, you just print it out & present it at the store or you can use the code for online purchases (great for Groupon!) Many of the retailers offer reloadable cards (ie: Starbucks) Once you order a physical card through Scrip, you can register it & reload it through the scrip website anytime.
    3. As for the physical cards, we order monthly – it’s best if you place that order all at once. The shopping cart allows you to add items as you remember what you want to buy. Then, before the due date, you complete your order process.
2016-2017 Shop with Scrip Order Deadlines by 9am

September 5th 2017
October 2nd 2017
November 6th 2017
December 4th 2017

January 2nd 2018
February 5th 2018
March 5th 2018
April 2nd 2018
May 7th 2018
June 4th 2018
There may be opportunities over the summer as well. Be sure Lisa had your current email address.

Scrip Coordinator: Lisa Boeggeman (JRBCScrip@gmail.com or 425-814-3790)